Thursday, December 25, 2008

What an Idea Sirji?

The advertisement says "an Idea can change your life"!! The mobile phone service provider Idea of the Aditya Birla Group's new ad shows film star Abhishek Bachan acting as the Private Secretary to a Chief Minister; herein, he seeks his mobile phone to get the opinion of the people to take a decision whether to have a Shopping Mall in agricultural land!! The majority-or a minuscule minority, given the time of the ad-voice their opinion as NO...........This opinion seem to cut across class lines and gender lines; people from rural and urban areas, including women and youth say this 'emphatic' NO................

The ad ends by saying that this 'exercise' is Democracy!! Wonder if this is the new fashion trend stepping in to promote social justice and people's empowerment!! or should we call it 'Corporate Socialist Democracy'?? By the way, this same service provider had showed its 'commitment' towards Social Justice some time back........replace Caste surnames with mobile phone numbers to prevent caste violence and atrocities!! In short, Casteism can be 'annihilated' by mobile phone numbers!!Wow, What an Idea!!

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