Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On a Christmas Night

Around me, its an aura that is glowing the year meanders towards its logical conclusion, Christmas arrives with its full pomp and glory........for the non-believers like me, what does this occasion hold within itself?? A Chance to redeem all sorrows and unhappiness?? Or a chance to cast away all drudgery and dreariness for a more exalted feeling?

Around me, the lights have been decked up.......they shine brightly in different colours; sweet and soothing carols waft through the air; kids and even elders dressed as Father Christmas dance around calling out to people, thus spreading the message of love and happiness. Little Mangers are created out of wood and grass depicting that wonderful night in Bethlehem. Cathedrals and Churches have immersed themselves with the believers rushing in to celebrate that hour.

As the night extends, the lights glow more and their aura spreads further. The artificial statue of the Santa Claus keeps glowing leaving much light around. People say the night before Christmas is the most coldest of the year. I cannot verify that; but certainly, there is chillness in the air..............I try to sleep in that rich glow all around and keep my ears to hear the comforting and soothing carols!! May be as time passes, the eagerness and anxiety may ebb away. But the fragrance of the Christmas Night lasts forever, warming the chillness in the air.

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