Monday, December 29, 2008

Enthralling a Generation

As the year 2008 enters the home stretch, my friends feel that the last few months in the passing year has seen few contributions on cricket in the blog. The year saw the sunset of two icons in the modern game-people whom I have watched as I climbed each step of the age ladder; people who have thoroughly mesmerized my generation along with others through their spirit, courage, grit and mastery in the gentleman's game, thus excelling to reach the summits of glory. A great deal of time was spent this year, in trying to rush through the swansongs of the Fab Five in Indian Cricket. Intense speculation was fuelled in the context of the successes of the Young Blood under a young and bold leader. A case of seniors giving way to juniors, simply a Voluntary Retirement!!

After constant pricks and cribs, two of the Fab Five-Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly walked into the sunset of their cricketing careers. A detailed blog in the New Year will showcase their sparkling contributions and visions. But wading through Cricinfo-that treasure trove for every cricket crazy person-I came across this piece on this Senior batch who enthralled my generation. I confess, to follow them not only brought unalloyed joy, but also in the process made me realize what it takes to be an avid Cricket Fan. For those were the times, when Cricket was injected all over the body; something whose foundations still embedded deep inside me to this day!! Truly, those were the days........

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