Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Learning to write Letters

As the rain drops come down heavily, I open the door for the freshness to come in......and sweep me away!! Its still a joy to feel the tiny sheets of water caress your face......I have been waiting since morning for the Postman to come........Suddenly memories flood in.....This time, of my childhood when I was learning to write letters. Taking the ink-fountain pen and racking the brains, splitting the extract the start is the problem....Once the flow starts, then it is easy; this is what people say. Those days inland were in so vogue....those light blue folding mechanism...I had often tried to draw the images of the entire system of postal services in our would my letter go to its destined place?? Tried to even imagine the people carrying it to the destination.
Well, returning to the very process of writing the was no doubt a laborious task.....our school education system has been a teaches you how to be formal and aristocratic........letters of various hues; some from a friend, some for a leave application, some for employment, some for blood relations, and so on.......But writing letters in childhood may be because of spontaneity too, like some lasting memory, some sights that you couldn't just forget, or some achievement you think as your own.............But the most diffcult part is when you write a letter on your parents' demand and then have to read it to them.....So there is a case of rough draft and then with the corrections (they always appeared inadvertently)!! Such labour and that too just to fill words in some pieces of paper............As you grew in age, love letters had to be the norm, according to the film world......But that in virtual reality, thats just an illusion!! For, people in relationships have resorted to much more advanced forms like e-mail, messaging, scraps and letters have lost that touch too, except when some one takes the pains to gift a card!!
Coming to think of all these now, can make one laugh........the rains seem to have stopped now. The postman should be here any moment......hope my parcel is intact!!

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Jennifer said...

With the advent of e-mail even an ardent letter writer of 20 years ago such as myself has lost the patience and handwriting grace to send handwritten letters now a days. To do so takes hours and hours - mostly due to my unreadable handwriting!

Thank you- email and blogs!!