Monday, June 23, 2008

Confessions of a Sleepish Researcher

Today I decided to sleep for some more time; extension of my sleeping hours.....Everyday, I go to bed aiming that the next day should be early for me, and that I get up at the first bell of the alarm. "Early Bird catches the Worm", thats an old English saying which could also be heard along with "Early to Bed and Early to Rise makes Jack Healthy, Wealthy and Wise". Sayings are after all for the sake of speech......the coziness of the bed is always irresistable. Curling up in the bedsheets and spreads brings the feeling of not getting up. Even after extending the alarm for every hour, the laziness and drowsiness remain. The dissretation still lies unworked.......Harding and Riskin call me to induct does Meisner, Solinger and other Chinese of value, commodity production, markets, planning, all seek to make their way in and be comfortable............China beckons......but sleep does too!! May be I should get up early from tomorrow.....the dissertation needs to be stylized well.....some polishing required too. Sacrifices make life.....I hear the notes of a prayer song floating through the morning mist!!Is that for me?Is my sacrifice to be counted as a loss of sleep........Every paradise has ample room for a 'crown of thorns' too!!

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