Friday, April 06, 2007

Re-Living History: People's Power through the Ballot

April 5, 2007-This landmark day marks the 50th anniversary of the first Communist Government to come to power anywhere in the world through ballot. The State of Kerala elected the Communist Party under the leadership of Comrade E.M.S. Namboodiripad as the Chief Minister This Golden Jubilee-celebrations will be carried on throughout the State by the LDF government led by the CPI (M) -is a time for memories and reminiscences. Typically an occasion to re-live the Past and re-visit History. (In the pic. is the front page of the Deshabhimani on April 5, 1957 describing the coming to the power of the E.M.S government).

The State Government's progressive policies were mainly of the Agrarian Reforms and the Democratization of the Education System-the then Education Minister being Prof. Joseph Mundassery. The government was unceremoniously dismissed from office after only 28 months, with active collaboration of the Centre, then under the rule of the Congress(I) in connivance and funding from the CIA. The dismissal was also effected by the large-scale gang-up of the reactionary forces of the Church and the Nair Service Society, combining with the Opposition parties, in what was infamously called the Vimochana Samaram. This clearly exposed the bourgeoisie-Landlord nexus, against the pro-people government.

As Comrade Karat puts it in his article in the People's Democracy, this was, perhaps, the first time in the history of the world Communist movement that the Communist Party had agreed to form a ministry under capitalism – with a bourgeois-landlord government controlling the centre and with effective economic power in the hands of a handful few. How was it possible? It was possible because it was the desire of the Kerala masses and masses elsewhere. It was possible because the immediate issue before the people was not the introduction of socialism – social transformation – but urgent social and economic reforms – including land reforms, honest administration and implementation of the rights given under the Constitution. The policies on which first Communist Government of Kerala had embarked continue to have an impact on the country as a whole, even today. Perhaps, that's the biggest tribute we could pay to the Comrade E.M.S-led government of 1957 which is well enshrined in the slogan "People's Unity Long Live"!!

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