Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aussies Rule Again

Didn't feel any particular need to write something in the blog, after having a post just couple of days back. Then saw the Aussies triumph for the third successive time at the World Cup finals, this time against the Lankans. McGrath had a fitting farewell as he was declared the Player of the Tournament. Just do not know whether any other team can rise in the near future to challenge the Kangaroos. Seems as if the real battle is among the rest of the teams to decide the Second Best; for the title is reserved for the Aussies. Deservingly they have made winning a habit.
Well, speaking of the rest of the teams, just read this article by Rohit Brijnath in the latest edition of the Sportstar, titled "The Problem with the Australian Cricket". A nice refreshment for the heart and soul!! Really at least on one front, the Aussies need to learn from the Indians!!

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