Monday, April 12, 2010

SFI's Position on Incidents of Violence in JNU in the Aftermath of Maoist Killing of CRPF Personnel in Chhattisgarh

Following is the position of SFI on the violence in JNU over the killing of CRPF Personnel in Chhattisgarh on 6 April by Maoists




Last two days have seen shameful and condemnable incidents in our campus. On 9th of April, the activists of NSUI, ABVP and YFE disrupted a program of the JNU Forum against War on People being held at Godavari Dhaba by indulging in sloganeering and physical violence. Yesterday, once again when the members of this forum were doing a mess campaign for a protest march against the incidents of 9th,, they were stopped from speaking in the Mahi-Mandavi Mess by a group of students under the leadership of NSUI and ABVP. When the protest march reached the Mahi-Mandavi Hostel, once again there was counter sloganeering and commotion creating a completely anarchic atmosphere. Later, indulging in the worst form of lumpenism, this right-wing mobilization tore all posters from the walls of different hostels and burnt them down. Even posters of the upcoming Bengali New Year program were torn off in some hostels.

The SFI strongly condemns such acts. We believe that they are completely antithetical to the democratic culture which has been the hallmark of the student politics of JNU. Diverse and conflicting political ideological views have always been debated in the most democratic manner in our campus over the years and nobody has any right to undermine or weaken this culture under any pretext. The SFI appeals to all sections of the university community to reject such lumpenism and unite for safeguarding and strengthening our democratic ethos.

Unfortunately, because of the irresponsible and callous attitude of the JNU Forum against War on People which did not take a prior permission for holding a program on Godavari Dhaba, the administration has got away without any responsibility of taking action against the disrupters and is taking a moral high ground. Had the organizers taken prior permission and informed the administration, it could have been easier to hold it accountable to take action. Contrary to what has been claimed by the Forum in its notice that no permission is required to having programs at Godavari Dhaba, the SFI would like to inform the student community that we have been taking permissions for our programs for the same venue. We would like to underline the fact that while there is no question of accepting any kind of censorship on political programs in JNU, it is also important that certain basic norms are adhered to for the sake of maintaining co-ordination and ensuring that if any untoward incidents happen, responsibility can be fixed.

As far as the larger question of Maoist violence is concerned, which was used as an excuse for the hooliganism which has happened, the SFI would reiterate its opposition to such violence in the name of left. We also believe that the political position of the JNU Forum against War on People and the DSU is extremely hypocritical on this issue. We challenge both these outfits to come clear on the recent killing of 74 CRPF personnel and Maoist violence in general. The DSU in the past has justified the killings of SFI and CPI (M) leaders in West Bengal. There is a need to politically isolate such anarchic and bankrupt outfits who have refused to condemn the mindless violence, which is completely unacceptable in a democratic set up like ours. Such outfits only strengthen the canards which are spread by the right-wing forces against the Left being undemocratic and programmatically violent. We appeal to the student community to see through the anti-left and anarchic politics which these organizations are propagating under the garb of left.

However, any such political debate or discussion cannot be held through lumpenism or undemocratic acts like what has happened in the last two days. It only reflects the undemocratic politics of right-wing organizations on campus. We would also advise the NSUI look into its own closets first before trying to claim any high moral ground against the Maoists. The self-righteous and arrogant attitude of the Union Home Minister who till the Chhattisgarh attacks had conveniently shifted all responsibility of dealing with the Maoist with the State government has definitely not helped matters. The NSUI should also answer the student community as to what is its take on the gang up between the Maoists and the Trinamool Congress, the second biggest constituent of the ruling UPA, for killing the activists and workers of the CPI(M) in West Bengal.

We appeal to the student community to reject any activity in the name of politics which seeks to vitiate the peaceful and democratic atmosphere on campus. The SFI also believes that hooliganism or violence is not the way to build opinion against the Maoists. The struggle against Moist violence on campus must be waged on a political ideological basis and mobilizing larger sections of he students behind democratic issues.

Sd/- Lenin, President, SFI-JNU.
Sd/- P.K.Anand, Secretary, SFI-JNU.

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