Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hero in a New Avatar

Watching Anil Kumble getting to his maiden test hundred at the Oval wherein he was undefeated on 110, was something that brought out the unexpressed batsmanship in him. The way he deifed the English was something that reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to the cause. As India were dismissed for a mammoth 664 and thereby dreams of a Test series win in England since 1986 seeming to be headed towards materialization, Kumble the champion emerged holding his head high. A person who had every now and then been put outside the 'orthodox' bracket due to the sheer fact that he couldn't turn the ball. The Jumbo has always answered the sceptics with his wizardry over the ball. The never-say-die attitude of Kumble makes him a very potent force wherein he keeps on maintaining the pressure and thereby always comes at the opposition batsman. This hundred is compounded with the numerous half centuries he has made like the 88 against the likes of Donald and Co. in Eden Gardens, Kolkata in 1996.

The Master has reworked his magic; the willow replacing the ball this time around. Salutations to you, sire!! The series win against the English which very much is now on the horizon will also be a fitting tribute for the Bangalorean where he made his debut in 1990-91-Allan Lamb was his first victim-and where his swansong would also be the loudest.

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