Saturday, December 30, 2006

Abnormal Times

Saddam Hussein has departed from the face of the earth today morning at 6.05 Baghdad time (8.30 IST), when he was hanged to death in a specially constructed ( can even better be termed as hastily built!!) facility on the banks of river Tigris. His departure marks the end of an era in West Asian politics; something which began with him taking over the reins of the country in the 1960s and carrying on till 2003.

His trial- of killing over 148 Shias in Dujail in 1982-has been one of the most biggest shams ever seen. The same is the case with other trials like the killing of Kurds in Hallabja or the human rights violations accused on him by the invasionist forces in Iraq today. No fairness in trial, his defence lawyers being murdered and no chance given for Saddam to defend himself. Even the Appeals Court, within a month of the trial court's verdict ordering his execution, refused to seriously re-consider the same. All the agencies-the courts and judges, the puppet regime of Morouki and Talabani propped up by the US were hell-bent on doing away with Saddam Hussein forever. However, the whole story was scripted in Washington and London. George W.Bush states that this was a milestone in the restoration of 'democracy' in Iraq. That has got to be the joke of the year!!!!His New Year party would now be more relishing and that wine may taste more 'sweeter'!!!! His loyal poodle Tony Blair would only be more contended in 10, Downing Street before his puts in his papers!!!! Consider this. Who should have been there in gallows in the real place?? Saddam or Bush, Blair and Company????

A war that was committed in the name of WMDs (it has been over years now and is there still any news of those WMDs
????); Leave any WMDs, there were not even sophisticated and worthwhile armament units in Baghdad!! Will Bush ever stand trial for the crimes against humanity that he committed with his loyal allies?? Will he answerable to the hundreds of children who died for the want of essential food and medicines during the days of sanctions?? Will he ever be implicated in the human rights violations committed in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Gharib?? Will he and his company be ever answerable for the 'illegal invasion' (as termed by UN itself!!But with UN not being seen as an effective International Organization anymore, won't this statement be a joke??)?? Has the thirst for Oil ended or are Chevron-Texaco, Exxon-Mobil and British Petroleum still looking for newer pipelines to be laid?? There are only questions that are visible. Answers seem to have been lost or to say, forgotten in the eagerness to conquer new regions!! The Empire has to be nourished and the Emperor needs to adorn new clothes!!

Afghanistan and Iraq have already been vanquished; newer areas like Iran, Syria and North Korea fall next in priority in the 'axis of evil'. But have the former two really been 'done and dusted'. Then, that is incorrect. The massive resistance by the Iraqi people against the imperialist forces, as well as the fire faced in Afghanistan have made US seriously think of the R word-of Retreat!! That has always been the unwritten rule of the thumb for US Imperialism. Enter a Country, use it as a tool ans very conveniently wash the hands off and leave. Saddam Hussein is another friend-turned-foe of the US. As from the beginning till the 'instruments' had usage, they were oiled and well-maintained, later to be dumped!!Typical use and throw!! The US creates and later turns out to destroy the creations. The Mujahideen in Afghanistan were trained and armed by the CIA against the Soviets, but they provided the US with Osama Bin Laden. Similarly, once upon a time Saddam was their comrade-in arms against Iran, wherein the 8-year Iran-Iraq war itself had the US administration pitching Baghdad against Teheran. Even before in some the overthrows that happened in Iraq in the 1950s, the US sided with the Baath party. But the Iran-Iraq war caused major impacts on the Iraqi economy, forcing Saddam to raise oil prices, which directly angered the US. Then, the invasion in Kuwait broke any existing links between the two countries. So, the moral of the story is never go in for any permanent arrangements!!

There is no doubt that Saddam was involved in human rights violations. He had silenced any dissenting voice against him; he had wiped out the communist party, once an important section in the government of the country. But many also say that even though he ruled with an iron hand, he had united the country, trying in to bring in a Socialist system. He had tried to provide a better deal to the peasants and the poor; many feel that perhaps his biggest contribution was curb any sectarian violence between the Shias and Sunnis, thus providing rock-solid stability to the country, something which is primarily absent today. He may be right or wrong, but that has to be decided by the people of Iraq; decided by a popular and sovereign government elected by a mass majority of people, and not by puppets installed at the behest of Washington; the affairs of the country cannot be run by people who fly every second time to White House and Downing Street!! Seems father, Bush Sr,. has been avenged by sonny, finally!! However, will Iraq be ever the same again?? That is the million dollar question. The neocons believe Saddam's execution will put things right in that country. However, the mass peoples' resistance is only growing, and there is no so-called religious differences emerging between the Shias and the Sunnis. Both are united in a prolonged battle against the imperialist forces.

Our country, whose anti-imperialist freedom struggle had inspired many of the Third World countries to throw off their foreign yokes, has shown the similar non-serious stance. The MEA called the execution as 'unfortunate' and 'disappointing'!!The ministry seems to now have a well-rehearsed and by now, a stale statement to make!!Look at this country's Foreign Minister's statement: the Indian government 'hoped' that even after the verdict was upheld by the Appeals Court, Saddam would have been spared of the gallows and thus, would not have been executed!!!! . This joke should definitely be a threat to the contestants of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge Show, for the minister may give them a good run for their money!!!!There was no strong stance adopted by the UPA government. The government has become a spokesman of the Bush administration!! The efforts are aimed at going to any lengths to please the US; by kowtowing the mission is to become the junior partner of the US. The Indo-US Nuclear Deal is the best instance, along with the Joint Military Exercises, keep up the strategic relations with Israel, inspite of its actions against the Palestinian people. Here, even ministers are replaced on the account that, the 'US was displeased' with their actions!!The ruling classes in this country are readying themselves to tear away the Tricolour and replace it with the Stars and Stripes!! The fact that Diego Garcia is only some nautical miles away in the Indian Ocean has meant that the region is under the radar scopes of the imperialist powers.

Saddam's martyrdom, as I would call it was in the battle against Imperialism and the refusal to live in the shadows of the colonial masters. He faced death courageously, and kept his head high while walking to the gallows. His death proves to be yet another clarion call for the anti-imperialist and progressive forces all over the world to join hands against this globalized struggle against imperialist globalization!! The struggle has to be at various fronts like political, economic, and cultural, thus, taking the resistance to greater levels. Many term the resistance happening in Iraq as 'bloody'; but then according to Tariq Ali, when "you have an ugly occupation, then you cannot have beautiful resistance". The model shown in the backyard of the US-once considered the laboratory of the Neo-Liberal economic policies-under the leadership of Castro, Chavez, Morales, Ortega and many others have opened the doors for many nations to assert their sovereignty, thus challenging the supremacy of the US. The mass peoples' movements, built on the foundations of the association of various fronts would engineer the struggle against hegemony and dominance. Therefore, this New Year beckons us to once again go back to Pastor Niemoller. We are living in times when the Empire wants to take every shred from the people to feed itself; hence, the need to fight it with tooth and nail. This is an Empire wanting the Haves to go on stocking the resources, and Have Nots cast to 'dangerous tempests'. It is a struggle between the Elites, who throw the struggling masses into the furnaces of Global Wars to feed their 'unsatiated hunger' for more power!!Saddam's execution is also a cover-up to protect these poweful elites from any skeletons that might be unearthed in future!!! These are Abnormal Times, where the only motto that matters is that "People United Shall Always Be Victorious" !!!!

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