Sunday, July 16, 2006

Those Fifteen Minutes

Sometimes time just stops for those Fifteen minutes....You begin to wonder whether Your heart beats have stopped........Catching hold of a folder-if it is some sort of handicraft product made out of jute or other fibre, it would be more good-containing all your certificates, testimonials and CV outside a door;and inside people gathered around a table waiting to pounce upon you.......When they toss away your research proposal and start asking questions from 'anything under the sun', its an uphill task, you can bet on that. Life just grinds to halt for sometime.........This phenomenon called "Interview" is just a beast, memorable for some and forgettable for some...........It seems that the wait to get into the room to face those 'souls' there is more taxing than the interview itself..............If someone asked me the definition of Life now, I would tell him/her, "It is nothing but the "Intervening Period between the Wait Outside and the War Inside".

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