Sunday, May 14, 2006

Musings on Mother's Day!!

Today, the 2nd Sunday of May, is International Mother's Day!! I'm not a great admirer of such ''commercialized days'', but still this day has remained etched to me since my childhood. Every year, my mind wanders back to those 'good old' days with my dear mom. A sudden whiff of memories come thrashing into my mind. I remember a line in one of those old comics that I used to read in my boyhood days. "God couldn't reach everywhere, so he made Mothers". How true!! This relationship between a mother and her children has always been an unbreakable chord which is built on the foundations of Love and Tenderness.
My mother always keeps going back to those days when I was a toddler. How I used to trouble her by breaking all my toys, not having my food properly and as to how I-was of good size in my infant days-used to travel with her in trains and keep demanding tea, in the sultry summer and the compartment being over-crowded!! As I passed into my teens, I again troubled her by picking up quarrels with her, not telling her about the class tests, lying her about my grades. But, as my age passed on, everything changed and I sometimes developed a feeling that I was moving away 'mentally' from my mom. I became a man, driving bikes and cars after getting a licence, became eligible to vote by acquiring the Voters' ID card and am at the doorstep of getting a Master's Degree. I feel the 'alienation' is getting stronger now!!
Mom, where are your loving arms? where are your smiles and cajoles?? I need them, ma!! Reading one of the books gifted by one of my cousins, containing stories by Malayalam authors on Mother was heart aching!! The emotional attachment of the mothers to their children has transcended eons as it is reflected in those stories. Even, in these summer nights, I yearn to sleep on your loving lap, with you caresssing my hair by running your hands through it; I also love to to hear you scolding and even beating me with those lovely hands, that you've burnt innumerable times trying to cook the best food for me; I am eager to hear you talk about those past days, when you used to hold my hand, while walking back home in the evenings from the school. Mom, where are those days?? Where have they disappeared?? Are those footprints on the sands of time been erased by the tide of 'life', which always brings up a 'new act' each day?? I still feel the warmth of your 'thalodal' when my body temperature rose to levels, which they call 'pani'. I still want to relish your Banana Payasam' that you prepare with so much affection for me. Even the "Chemmeen Curry" is still on my lips!! Those Onams, Vishus, and Deepavalis spent with you have gained an eternal status.
Mom, when I seated you behind my bike and drove you, it was one of the most cherished moments of my life. Let many more such good times remain in my life. Whom should I thank for you being a wonderful mother to me? My sincere prayer is, if there is a process called "Punarjanmam", I should be again your loving son!!. May be the elders are right. Mother always acquires the prominent position among the relationships. The nostalgia keeps sinking in,as the sun sets and twilight shudders into the horizon. I am shaken from my musings by that beautiful song, "En Amme, Onni Kaanaan Ethra Naal Njan Kothichu......."

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